Access your OS X colour picker any time you like, with extras.

Ever got stuck browsing the web for a colour picker to get a hex value for your site design layout? It makes no sense to open up a graphics application such as Photoshop or Illustrator simply to obtain a colour code. That's why I created ColorCopy. It's a tiny applet with a small filesize for quick launching that lets you choose a colour using your familar colour chooser, then gives you an option of how you want to use that colour.

ColorCopy image

With options for RGB-16, standard RGB in 255 colours, hex value and nearest websafe colour, it's the perfect tool for quickly accessing the colour you want, in the format you want it in.

Put it into your dock for quick access when you're using it, then after you're done, it'll automatically close itself so as not to clutter up your open applications.